Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Risk Management

Since 2006, Risk Management has become mandatory for any work being carried out in manufacturing facilities, construction sites and shipyards. Since September 2011, all workplaces come under the purview of the Workplace Safety and Health Act. The implication is that all are required to conduct risk assessment for activities carried out by them, be it within their own premises or at other premises.

The requirement for risk assessment is stipulated in WSH (Risk Management) Regulations 2006. The Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSH Council) has also published a Code of Practice to provide guidance on implementing risk management, including the identification of hazards, evaluating risk, and putting in place control measures.

It is recommended that 5x5 Risk Assessment Matrix be adopted to provide more accurate assessment of risks.
Risk Assessment Form (Sample)

A Risk Assessment Form template, which is created based on the CP from WSH Council, may be downloaded here.

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